3 months to reclaim your power & live a meaningful life


In French, we call it "raison d'être", "reason for being". 


The Japanese call it Ikigai, “reason for living; meaning for life; what makes life worth living”.

And the Hindu call it "Dharma"“right way of living” and “path of rightness"

A purpose is not necessary related to work, you can live on purpose in the other areas of your life (family, association, way of beeing...).

And often people who live a life of purpose put their hearts into their career AND into their relationships.

Finding your purpose is knowing what you are meant to do to impact the world on a positive way, and to participate in the creation of a better world.

"Every person on the planet has a dharma or a life purpose."

Deepak Chopra


I believe that true fulfillment in life comes to finding 

your purpose.

It's not about going from one goal to another and at the end of these achievements still feeling empty,

still feeling that something is missing. 

When you find your life purpose, you are not afraid of anything, all doors open for you. 

You are full of energy, motivated, successful and everything is flowing.

With a clear purpose, you can then set the right goals and plans, and take the right daily steps to create your most meaningful life.

Knowing your purpose allows you to have a much greater impact on the world. 

Your purpose allows you to have the most profound impact - but only if you actually own it. 

Yoga Clifftop


3 months of private coaching in person (Koh Phangan, Paris) or Skype (worldwide)

  • 30 min free call to get to know each other and see how we can work together

  • 1 x 120 min to explore your deepest desires and set your inspired intention

  • 5 x 90 min sessions booked biweekly

  • Personal Morning Routine 

  • Unlimited email support between sessions to keep you moving forward

400 Euros /month*

And don't forget, your first call is on me!

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By 2014, I had developed a successful career, I was in a position to have more money and more "power" than ever in my company but I still felt like I was missing something about life and about myself.

At this time I did not know it, but I was looking for my purpose. 

Following my intuition, I left my unfulfilling life, my relationship, my apartment, my job. I gave and sold most of my belongings and 

decided to travel the world on my own.
Well, yes travelling was amazing, but I was still feeling empty.
I was going from places to places,  parties to parties, boyfriend to boyfriend, not able to settle anywhere or make any commitments. 
I was regularly drinking to much to forget how much

I was lost and unhappy. 
Until one day, after 4 years of travelling, seating on a beautiful beach in Thailand, 

I was talking to a friend, telling him what could 

his own "superpower"be.
Then I said:
" What about me, what is my superpower? 

I feel so frustrated not knowing"
I will always remember his answer:

"THIS is it Laetitia, this is what you are doing right now, seeing peoples true nature and awakening them to it"



"Laetitia is an amazing coach. With her empathy and sensibility, I was able to open my heart. Many thanks for this session and your beautiful vibes. I truly recommend her."

Maria, Chili

Laetitia, with gentleness and professionalism takes you to dig towards your true nature. Not only did it help me to answer my questions of life and personal project but also to touch my inner interior and help me a lot to regain my self-confidence. Thank you to recommend warmly.

Anne-lise, France

"Laetitia allowed me to give myself a place, a precious time dedicated to beauty: mine and that which surrounds me.

She promotes magical moments of return to oneself filled with authenticity by a gentle, poetic, generative accompaniment, reframing when necessary and very relevant"

Marie, France


I believe that everyone has their own superpower.

I believe that each of us comes into this life with a set of unique talents and gifts.

Your superpower is what adds color, texture, flavor, and emotion to the lives of everyone around you. 

You have gifts to share, you have the potential to make a difference in the way you live your life.

When you have found your superpower and use it to serve others,

each step you take is purposeful!


You are sick and tired of your soulless job


You want to make money doing what you love


You are brown out in your job (your job has no purpose)

You feel depressed, stuck, unhappy with your life

You had a wake up call and you are ready to really live your life

You recently had a big change in your life, you want to follow the wave

You are always waiting for the next big thing (holidays, house, car, partner...)

You spend too much, drink too much, eat too much, party too much, much, too much

You have a strong career but still feel that something is missing
You have forgotten your child dreams 


You just broke up with your partner and want to redesign your life

You have done different kinds of healing but still don't know what to do with your life

You have an idea of what your life purpose is but don't know where to start

You are always procrastinating 

You want to capitalize on your talents and skills

You want a meaningful and fulfilling career

You are a career changer (or want to be) 

You want to find more meaning and purpose in your current career 


After that I dedicated the next 2 years, working on myself,

 learning how to use my gift to serve others. 

Since I started this journey, my life has changed completely!

I found a way to finance my coaching studies and my career transition,

I found teachers, mentors and a new community.

 Opportunities started showing up.

It's like everything I ask for comes to me naturaly.

 The law of attraction has never been so good. 

Of course sometimes it's challenging and I need to overcome my fears and my obstacles, but I always find a way to get back up, because I know WHY I am doing this and WHY it's so important!

And about my job, well, I think I have never felt so much

joy and energy

in any other job I've had before in my life!

Just that!

"When you do it, it just feels amazing"

Stephen Gilligan



Oprah Winfrey

Finally living with authenticity and integrity with your true self
Being in alignment and in harmony with your true nature
Being happy and motivated to wake up every day
Having a meaningful and enjoyable life
Feeling that you are useful and that you are contributing
Having more time for your loved ones and what is really important 
Being excited about life again
Improving your relationships
Being more confident and finding focus
Knowing that you are creating a better world everyday


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