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Clarity experience


You recently had a big change in your life, let's follow the wave

You are overwhelmed, too many things to handle

You are usually confident but you feel like you are in a hole
You had a wake-up call, you are ready to start something new
You want to create a self-care plan, be more healthy

You want to have a new vision of your future self
You want to understand what is stopping you

You need answers, you don't have access

You just need a push in the right direction

You have a big decision to take

You are stuck in your situation

You lost your creativity

You just don't know why, but you feel like it could help

You are not here by accident...


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Clarity experience


Intensive coaching experience to get crystal clarity & strong confidence to take the next steps

  • 15 min free call to get to know each other 

  • 2 hours intensive coaching session to gain clarity and confidence:

   - Get crystal clear on your actual situation

   - Learn powerful Generative coaching tips

   - Create your powerful Generative intention

   - Release obstacles

   - Leave with the 3 next steps of your journey

  • Personal morning routine creation

  • Feedback by email after the session:

   - clear feedback

   - coaching exercises

   - new resources ( video, book, training) specially picked for you 

  • 30 min follow up call to check your progress

And don't forget, your first call is on me!

Let's have a chat!

* Special Offer available for new clients only 

Feel good is our natural state of beeing, we just need
to remember how to use our power


Ancre 1
Feeling good


Being crystal clear on your desires

Letting go of things that no longer serve you & feeling the relief 

Finding a personal way to create a "feel good mood" on demand

Being more confident about your choices

Finding focus and motivation again

Manifesting your next steps with purpose and not by default


"Laetitia accompanied me on several

coaching sessions.

Creative, intuitive, gentle, caring.

She's aiming in the right point.

Each session takes place in
a comfortable zone
conducive to work and brings
real changes."

Thomas, France

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