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My story begins in a suburb of Paris in 1982, where I was born to a Guadeloupean father and a French metropolitan mother.

I think it's one of the reason why I love so much tropical countries!

My interest in the human mind developed quickly, as it does for many,

through personal and family hardship.  

When I was twelve years old, my mother developed multiple sclerosis, and my parents divorced soon after.  I was consequently forced to learn early in my life how to be autonomous and decisive in order to help my mother and younger sister.

These circumstances initiated my lifelong investigation of interpersonal relationships and my own unconscious thoughts and behaviors, which I began to question after my first broken heart when I was only 14 years old. 

" If when I wake up feeling good, but start to feel sad when I remember my broke up and start to think about it, why should i think about that?

Why I don't feel sad when i dont think about it?

Why do I actually question my thinking?"​

At 14, I started working catering jobs in order to help finance my studies in restaurant management. 

I began my long career as a manager at age 20, was promoted to directrice of a restaurant at 21, and then became a supervisor of a chain of healthy cantines (cojean) in Paris at 26. 

I concluded this chapter of my life by directing the opening of the first restaurant of the chain in London. 

During my 13 years in the restaurant business, I managed and coached over 100 different managers. 

​Although I had developed a successful career and loved manage others,

I still felt like I was missing something about life and about myself. 

I decided to travel the world and explore the beautiful variety of life and cultures outside of my own experience. 

For the next five years, I traveled through Asia, South America and Europe by myself.

I could not stop moving.

I set out on a journey of intentional, transformational travel that opened my mind, made me connect to my true nature, helped me forgive what must be forgiven, and taught me self-love and acceptance of what is.  

But as it is for everyone, my journey is not finished, and my personal work is still in progress!

Through the life-changing experience of travel, the work on myself (hypnosis, coaching, healers...) 

I discovered how to embrace my strengths and create a life of purpose.


I realized my calling to become a coach and began the training and education I needed to become. 

(more infos about my education bellow)

Today I am proud that I discover: 

  • My Vision: An authentic and free humanity, where everyone feels free to be themselves and live in purpose.

  • My Mission: Helping people grow abundance, confidence, inner peace and purpose in their job.

  • My purpose: Rise the population living on purpose to create a positive impact in the world.


Now, as a certified practitioner in generative change, my focus is on empowering people through one-on-one coaching sessions and other retreats, as well as organizing workshops in Conscious Leadership for company in Paris. 


​I have found and continue to find incredible inspiration through the works and mentorship of Dr. Wayne Dyer, Eckart Tolle, Byron Katie, Deepak Chopra, Robert Dilts, Stephan Guilligan. My personal and coaching philosophies involve the law of attraction, the power of positive thinking, the benefit of rituals & practice, meditation, hypnosis, and other work with the subconscious mind and trance states.


And although I do not use them in my practice, I embrace the use of plant medicines to open up mental and spiritual pathways.  In particular, I experienced profound enlightenment and healing through an ayahuasca ceremony and am happy to speak about it. 

My personal exploration has also given me much more awareness of my body and a desire to improve and maintain my health.  I therefore decided several years ago to eat a more healthy, natural and vegetarian diet.  Working in healthy restaurants for many years, cooking and food have always been passions for me, and I still enjoy the occasional seafood dish, but I have found such joy in creating tasty, healthy vegetarian meals for myself and others.  I have also done many tropical fruit detoxes in Asia, which I found to be powerful cleaning techniques for body and mind!

For fun, I love to dance to electronic music in nature, cook, go to the beach, drinking wine with my tribe of girlfriends, go on a trip with my motorbike, chill with my cat, walk in the forest, do yoga, lose myself in a serie, learn or try new things, and of course, travel!

I am currently living between Lisbon, Paris and Koh Phangan (Thailand).  I desire to be a child of the world and I am not planning to stop moving!

Also my coaching sessions can easily be made by Skype. 

I have seen and continue to experience so many beautiful changes and growth within myself and my life since I began utilizing Generative Change for my personal and professional life.  I firmly believe in the power of this techniques and I am proud to work with it in my practice. 


Contact me for a free discovery call to speak about your needs and to see what kind of work we can do together. 


 I can't wait to see where this journey takes you!