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This year, instead of having resolutions, create intentions!

Have you ever tried to make New year's resolutions that last only 10 days and make you feel like crap because you did not manage to keep them?

You are not the only one!

And you know what, it's not your fault, it's just that having " resolutions" does not work!

Simply because " where attention goes, the energy goes" so if you focus on the things that you want to stop or quite, you will just create more of them!

Let's try together:

" Try to not think about a Pink Elephant, you should not think about a pink elephant"

Did you manage to do it? No, impossible, because our brains do not work like this!

When I tell you to not think about a pink elephant, you create an image of a pink elephant in your mind's eyes, so you just create more focus on what you don't want to think about!

Our brain does not understand the negative!

So setting resolution which sounds like:

I want to stop procrastinating on this project

I want to stop smoking

I want to to stop spending time on social media


It's just can't work!

This is why I prefer to use Intentions; instead of resolutions.

Intentions allow you to move creative focus toward positive and meaningful goals, they are super powerful if they are well made.

In this article, I give you some advice to set powerful intentions for this new year using the law of attraction

I would suggest you make them early in january but It can also works any time you want to set new intentions ( birthday, special anniversary, new moon..).

You will need to allow some special time (around 45min), by yourself or with loved one.

  1. Create the setting

I recommend you to journal about this, put on some nice music, light a candle, and some incense. You can warm up a delicious cup of cacao with some spices or a nice cup of tea. The idea is to really create a nice setting, like a ritual!

I love rituals because they concentrate the energy, create a big imprint in your mind, and have long-lasting benefits.

2. Reflect on this year

Reflect on what's happened this year, specifically in three mains areas of your life,

Your professional life: future goal, work relationships, relationship to money/time...

Your personal relationships: family, intimacy relationships, children, friends...

Your relationship with self: body, diet, habits, personal qualities, spirituality, "negative" self pattern...

In each area you can ask the questions:

What did you like and would like to continue?

What was challenging, difficult, disturbing?

The idea here is not to find directly the perfect solution, but just to acknowledge what happened with complete honesty and acceptance.

3. Put yourself in a positive vibe

One of the easiest ways I found is Gratitude.

Gratitude is a very high emotion, and because "like attracts like", the more you feel gratitude for what you have and vibrate at this frequency, the more you will attract positive things.

Gratitude is one of the best tools I use to:

- Feel good in the moment

- Manifest the things you want

- Create more abundance in your life

- Change your relationships for the better

Take 3 deep breaths, and write 10 things you can be grateful for this year. Even if it was challenging, I suppose you still had food, a roof, loving people around you... and also find why you are grateful


"I am grateful that I had cleaned water, food, a roof, I know that not everyone has this chance. Thank you, thank you, thank you."

It's really important that you spend time to really feel the gratitude in your heart.

4. What would you like to create instead?

Now that you have reflected and feel clear about the past year, you are in a good emotional state and in the right vibration to create your intentions: what areas would you like to improve, and what would you like to feel this next year?

Choose only positive words, be clear and concise.

What are 10 things you would like to create, have, feel, do this year?


- I really want to be more productive, focus and driven in my job

- I really want to feel good, sexy and healthy in my body

- I really want to improve my relationship with X...

5. Visualize your future self creating those 10 intentions

Visualisation is another key to manifest the life you want.

By visualizing, you can create your preferred future.

For each intentions, spend some time, visualizing like its already done.

- What did you see?

- What emotions did you feel when you received your intention?

- Who was the first person you told when you received your desire, and how did you tell them?

- What is the first great thing you did when you received your desire? Include as much detail as you can in your mind. 

6. Repeat, repeat, repeat

"With constancy, intensity, power & repetition, thoughts manifest in your reality."

So, you can put your list where you can see it everyday, you can also make a vision board about it, a pinterest board, you can draw around it. Make it beautiful!

And for the next month in the morning:

- find 3 things you are grateful and why

- read your list outloud

- vizualise yourself realizing your intentions, feel like it's here and now.

Repetition is key to reprograming your subconsicous mind!

4. See magic happening!

Watch synchronicity and signs, believe that it can manifest in your life.

Again here, you don't need to know HOW, just focus on the result. If you are confident and relax, the how will unfold naturally, you will have the ideas, the people, the opportunities, and take the inspired actions.

Relax and trust the process!

I wish you a magical ritual and a beautiful happy new year!

May all your intentions become true, may you be safe, happy, fulfilled and loved!

Please, let me know how it wents for you.

With Love,

Thank you,


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