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Image de Hassan OUAJBIR

Are you ready to
reclaim your innate power
 & manifest the life of your dreams? 




I am an Empowerment and Self love coach certified in Generative coaching and NLP.

I am Trauma-informed, expert in Emotional Intelligence and Energetics.

I am dedicated to helping men and women with a growth mindset to practice self-love, self-awareness, and to live a life of integrity, authenticity, and meaning, which will positively impact every area of their life.

I believe in your capacity to be your own "self-coach", "self-healer" and I always make an important part of my sessions to teach tools and techniques that will empower you to become autonomous on your journey. 

I am committed to providing a safe and supportive space for you to explore your inner self, heal from your past and unleash your full potential.

I also organise Transformational healing experience in Thailand with natural medicine, just book a free discovery call if you are curious! 

Check my programs 

Our first 30-minutes working together are on me!

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The possibility exists that you could have a life that blows your mind!

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