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Never give up!

3 days ago I opened my LinkedIn account and realized I was celebrating my 4 year anniversary in the Coaching industry!

Whoa 4 years, the time goes so fast...

In my previous career, It took me 5 years as a restaurant manager to accept an evolution to the post of area manager. I was 25 years old only and already managing 7 restaurants!

I remembered when I was 12 years old, my Mathematic teacher told me in front of my mother that I would never have a successful career...

At the age of 14, when I decided to study in the hospitality industry, my teachers and some member of my family thought it was really not a good idea and that it will be too difficult for me...

I did it anyway.

One time as a restaurant trainee when I was 15, my manager told me that I would never have a great career as well, I did not have what it takes...

I still pursue my studies.

During my 13 years in the restaurant business, I managed and coached over 100 different managers in Paris and London.

Well, they were wrong...

At 29 years old, although I had developed a successful career at the end, I still felt like I was missing something about life and myself.

After some coaching sessions and an amazing "manager coach" training a few years before, I felt the call to become a coach​.

My coach told me that it was not easy and maybe not a good idea. (Yes my coach...)

This time I listened, I went traveling.

At the age of 34 only, I finally started this new path (5 years after). It gives me goosebumps and a feeling of sadness to realize this... It took me 5 years to answer my calling!!!

Again, the same year a coach told me that I would never live from this job...

Am I cursed?

I learned that there will always be people around you who don't believe in your dreams, not because of you, but because of what they think about themselves...Because of how they did not pursue their dreams.

Don't listen to them.

You know what is good for you!

There is a higher self in you that knows what is best for you, an inner knowing.

Listen to his whisper.

I can't say that it was easy, sometimes I really wanted to give up.

But in the end, I am still here and it's so rewarding!

I have helped hundreds of people to achieve their dreams, by coaching them or just supporting them. I always get so excited about people's dreams!

Follow your dreams, follow your calling and never give up!

I want to say Thank you to my mother, my father, my sisters, my brother, my coach, teachers, and my close friends who had always supported my choices!

Thank you so much! It would have not been the same without you.

Because at the end of your life, you want to say:

Oh my god, thank you, what a ride!!!

Pic of me in my work outfits when I was managing restaurants 12 years ago

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